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Furever Home Rescue Challenge - Large Dog

This competition allows all levels of professional groomers to showcase their ability to transform a shelter dog into a clean, well-groomed pet, thereby making it more adoptable. Additionally, half of the $60 entry fee is donated to Carolina Poodle Rescue, who will be kindly providing dogs for the competition.

Thus, a dog in need receives a free groom, Carolina Poodle Rescue receives a donation, and you get to compete without the stress of finding and traveling with a competition dog!

Date: Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Competitor Check-In: 9:00am

Pre-Judging: 2:00pm

In-Ring Grooming Begins: 2:30pm

Judging: 4:30pm

Judges: Anna Hawks & Christopher O'Mara

Large Dog Rescue Challenge is Sponsored by:

Evolution Pet Products

(866) 284-1385

[email protected]

This class is open to any professional dog groomer. Competitors will be required to demonstrate their skills in all aspects of the grooming process, including preparation work, finishing skills, and handling.

Upon arrival at the show hall, each dog will be evaluated to determine if it is suitable for the competition environment. Dogs that are fit to compete will be randomly assigned to competitors. Because they are shelter dogs, they may not be in optimal coat condition or exhibit ideal behavior. They may be purebred or mixed breed. Much like a new client entering our salon, some dogs may have limited background information available, so part of the competition will involve assessing the coat, temperament, and body condition to choose the most appropriate groom.

While every effort will be made by the show and by Carolina Poodle Rescue to ensure that every registered competitor will have a dog available to them, if extenuating circumstances should limit the number of dogs available for competition, priority will be given on a first come, first served basis. Register early to ensure your place in the competition!

Competitors will be given staggered bathing times determined by the Ring Steward. Competitors are advised to utilize time spent waiting for bathing facilities for preparation work. 

Time allotment: 2 hours will be permitted for grooming in-ring. This excludes bathing and drying. Any time used for preparation work done prior to bathing and drying will be deducted from the 2 hours allotted in the ring.

Judging will be based on:

  • Overall finish
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Handling of animal 
  • Overall change in appearance
  • Appropriateness of groom for dog’s coat type, personality, and        body condition
  • Techniques utilized to achieve desired outcome

All competitors are required to supply their own equipment such as clippers, blades, scissors, grooming loops, arm and table etc. Groomers unable to travel with a grooming table may be able to make arrangements to have a table supplied. Contact us for more information. Shampoo, conditioner, and dryers will be provided, although groomers may choose to bring their own.  ​​​