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Furever Home Rescue Challenge - Feline

PGR is happy to be home of the first and only feline rescue competition! Like our canine rescue challenges, this competition allows all levels of professional cat groomers to showcase their ability to transform a shelter cat into a clean, well-groomed pet, thereby making it more adoptable. Additionally, half of the $60 entry fee is donated to the participating rescue, Meow House Cat Rescue.

Thus, a cat in need receives a free groom, Meow House Cat Rescue receives a donation, and you get to compete without the stress of finding and traveling with a competition cat!

Feline Rescue Challenge is Sponsored by:


(800) 558-9441

Date: Saturday, June 25th 2016

Competitor Check-in: 9:00am

Competition Begins: 9:30am

Placement Announcements: 3:30pm (estimated)

Judge: Lynn Paolillo 

This class is open to any professional cat groomer. Competitors will demonstrate their ability to successfully perform a
full coat groom. Because these cats are in search of their "fur"ever homes, they will not be receiving lion cuts or comb cuts. Only sanitary trims and any necessary mat removal are allowed. 
Upon arrival at the show hall, each cat will be evaluated to determine if it is suitable for the competition environment. Cats that are fit to compete will be randomly assigned to competitors and pre-judged during competitor check-in at 9am on Saturday. Because they are shelter cats, they may not be in optimal coat condition or exhibit ideal behavior. They may be purebred or mixed breed - longhair or shorthair. 

To minimize stress to the participating rescue cats, an area separate from the main competition ring will be designated for this challenge, and competitors will be assigned staggered grooming times allowing one and a half hours (90 minutes) to complete the groom. Entries will be judged as they are completed. Note that the competition officially begins at 9:30am but due to the staggered times, competitors will begin grooming their assigned cat at different times. 

Competitors are required to bring their own equipment - clippers, blades, combs, etc. Facilities for bathing and drying will be provided. Bathing supplies will also be provided, although groomers may choose to bring their own. 
Grooms will be judged based on:
  1. Degree of transformation from pre-judged condition to final groom. 
  2. Level of difficulty. 
  3. Overall finish of coat. 
  4. ​Handling skills.