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JeoPAWdy(TM) Grooming Trivia Game Show! 

We’re very excited to announce the first ever grooming trivia game show: JeoPAWdy™! You can show off your grooming skills in the competition ring; now demonstrate your grooming knowledge in the game show ring!

Thirty contestants will answer grueling trivia questions in order to advance through 4 elimination rounds. The surviving top ten then battle for questions, prizes, and the title of JeoPAWdy™ Champion!

Registration, limited to 30, is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to register early! Registration is free with a 3-day seminar pass. The game is scheduled for Sunday, June 24th at 3:45pm in the trade show hall. For game play and rules, see below.

Game Play

               Elimination Rounds

The game will begin with the first of four elimination rounds. In each round, contestants will be asked a total of 5 trivia questions and given 60 seconds per question to write down their answers. Each question will have an assigned point value, and points will be awarded for correct answers. The five players with the lowest scores will be eliminated at the end of each round and receive a consolation prize for their participation.

Points are cumulative between rounds. If a player earns 3 points in the first elimination round, they will begin the second round with 3 points, and so on.


In the event of a tie at the end of an elimination round, a tiebreaker will take place. Players who are tied will be asked a question. Using the buzzer system, the first person to buzz in with the correct answer will move on to the next round. This will continue until no more and no less than 5 players are eliminated during each round.

                Top 10

The 10 players who survive all four elimination rounds will advance to the final round, where each question is assigned a prize. More difficult questions are awarded higher value prizes.

Beginning with the player with the highest score from the elimination rounds, each contestant will take turns choosing a category and prize (“Cat Breeds for one gallon of Shampoo, please” for example). If a player answers their question correctly, they are awarded that prize. If a player answers incorrectly, the other players have the option to buzz in and “steal” the prize. If no one is able to correctly answer a question, the prize is assigned a new question in the category and remains available, and play continues to the next contestant.

Play continues until all prizes are won. Each question will also be assigned a point value, and the player with the highest overall score at the end of the game wins the title of JeoPAWdy™ Champion!


Any violation of the rules will result in immediate removal from the game and forfeiting of any prizes won up to that point.

  • Players may not use any outside assistance when answering questions (no cell phones, no help from other people, no written notes, etc). 
  • Although the game is competitive, it’s meant to be a fun and exciting way for groomers to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of their profession while winning prizes. Every attempt will be made to ensure the game is fair for all contestants. Poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated.