Professional Grooming Rally

  Where creativity meets education!


Competition prizes will be announced! 

PGR 2016 will have the following grooming competitions: 

Unlike most other grooming events, PGR 2016 continues to hold a "Fair Entry" rule that states:

  1.  Anyone who has judged or lectured within 365 days of a PGR competition is not eligible to enter a competition on the same topic.
  2. No creative entry (feline, canine, extreme, or Asian-inspired) that has placed in any other grooming competition is allowed. 

This ensures that competitions are fair for all entrants and encourages new competitors to enter the ring. No competitor should ever be expected to compete against someone who has judged, lectured, or published instructional material, nor should they have to compete against a groom that has been used for numerous competitions. Additionally, PGR includes competitions as a means of education rather than to collect trophies, and there is more to be learned from a new groom than there is from one perfected such that it has been awarded a placement.  

Visit each competition's page for specific rules and information.