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Canine Asian Obsession - Asian Style Grooming

Asian Obsession is an in-ring competition that allows groomers the opportunity to showcase a unique yet popular type of creative dog grooming. This is an excellent competition for groomers who are new to creative and may not be ready to delve into the intricate coloring and carving seen in the Extreme Canine Creative competition. The entry fee is $40 (discounted 10% for NAPCG members). 

Time allotment: Competitors will have 1.5 hours to style their dogs and present for judging. 

Date: Sunday, June 26th 2016

Pre-Judging: 10:00am

Competition Begins: 10:30am 

Judging: 12:30pm

Judges: Michele Grenkow & Karen Aldrich

Asian Obsession is Sponsored by

Abbfabb Scissors and Grooming Products

01579 383004

[email protected]

All competitors are required to supply their own equipment such as clippers, blades, scissors, grooming loops, arm, and table, etc. Shampoo and dryers will be provided, although groomers may choose to bring their own products and/or dryer.  

Bathing and drying facilities will be provided. Competitors will be required to sign up for an allotted time when they check in at the show in order to use these facilities. 

Like all of the creative competitions at PGR, the Canine Creative follows the "Fair Entry" rule which states: 

  1. Anyone who has judged an Asian-inspired grooming competition or lectured on Asian style dog grooming within 365 days of PGR      is not eligible to compete in Asian Obsession. 
  2. No creative entry that has placed in any other grooming competition is allowed. 

Asian Obsession Rules:

  • Any Purebred or mixed breed dog may be used. 
  • This is an in-ring competition. While a minimum of 6 weeks growth of hair is                            typically required, it is recognized by the Show Management that some coats grow more        quickly than others. Therefore, adequate coat will be defined as follows: Coat must                  be sufficient for the contestant to make a distinct change in the dog's appearance. Dogs          deemed by the judge to be lacking appropriate coat or to be pre-groomed will be                      disqualified. 
  1. All entries will be pre-judged prior to beginning the competition. Nails should                            be trimmed, as well as pads of feet and sanitary areas trimmed prior to pre-judging. 
  2. Asian Style Grooming is open to interpretation, but there are particular things that help to        define the 'Anime' or 'Stuffed Animal' look that is recognized as Asian Style. These                 characteristics are as follows, but not limited to:
    • Short body, as this style was designed to allow the dog to wear clothes on the                    body without encouraging the coat to mat. 
    • Full columned, flared, or pom-pom legs that are skillfully blended from a short body. 
    • Shaved or tightly trimmed feet, making it easy to keep feet clean upon entering the home. 
    • There are numerous Asian head styles to choose from. Face styles are typically short and expose the eyes to give an Anime         look.